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Ask yourself this question every day for the next week: “Why are we not using sales and marketing automation tools?”

So here we are modern day, iPhones that will wake up your Great Aunt in a nursing home, cat-cams to watch your feline adventures, even motorbike safety jackets that turn you into a zorbers dream… but why oh why do we STILL have lots of sales and marketing teams STILL manually sending newsletters, event and webinar registration, and plain old emails for the simplest of housekeeping tasks?

So you’ve exhibited at an event and you’re packing up from Day One. You’re holding over 250 business cards in your pocket – which is a hot lead and which isn’t? Are you really going to phone all of them tomorrow? But you have to keep in contact with them – right? So why write the same email over and over again?? Write a series of emails, with attachments, video links, anything that helps educate those leads on what else your company does, and then schedule in one or two weeks time to phone them – but ONLY if they engaged with your emails. Yes – this is something you can easily do – yesterday!

Ok, so I hear you say all the usual things – “too expensive”, “too hard to do”, “we don’t have the assets available”, “our systems are too old” or “the cat died”! Ok, the last one is extreme – but think how great it could be for your business to properly free up your team’s time and “give back time” – (hey we could start a following for that – even write a catchy song!).

It’s true. With the simplest of automation tools, you can now automate most housekeeping elements of your business. Like running a webinar: we have a 6 stage process that is automated and can be live in just under a week – with the minimalist amount of text and assets require. It’s true – and we do it daily.

Think of all the time you would save knowing your amazing webinar date is being communicated to the customers that didn’t open or didn’t click. Not only that, being sent at different times of the day, on different days of the week to ensure you somehow capture them between lunch, board meetings, yoga and the weekend rugby.

This would enable you to then really focus on the important thing – your business. Your messaging, your story, your fantastic product that you want everyone to hear about. It really does free your time up.

And before you start, it’s definitely not about what systems you have today. There’s loads of integration APIs for all types of CRM to sales platforms. You can get APIs for almost anything. Gotowebinar, Salesforce, Marketo, Eventbrite you name it, and you don’t have to know what you’re doing – you’ve just got to know someone that can turn your ideas into automated ideas.

It’s not hard when you know how, and Totem does know how. Don’t be last on the train – jump on board and ask us how this can be done – it works for all types, shapes and sizes of business – “give time back”.

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