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Using Marketing Automation Tools To Run Successful Events

It wasn’t that long ago when running an event was somewhat more complicated than it is today. Registration forms were sent by fax and all attendees were entered into a software system we would not dream of using in 2016. A number of systems had to be used to run one event and it was less than straight forwards to say the least. Those were not the days!

Now we can save vast amounts of time and resource with marketing automation platforms which act as a one port of call to manage all aspects of the marketing and event communications. Through such tools we can manage:

  • Promotion and lead generation
  • Real-time registration
  • Distribution of event information
  • Attendee engagement
  • Automated reporting

Not only that, all these emails can be setup with automated triggers so you don’t have to lift a finger. You will know that the right emails are going out to the right people at the right time.

Marketing automation is normally made up of 3 steps:

* Subscriber trigger point – they open an email or click on a link

* Your associated response – add them to a list or reply with a clear follow up email

* When you require the above action to occur – this could be immediately or after a specified period of time

When it comes to running an event through automation tools you will be constantly surprised by the time it can save you. You will be freed up to focus on other important tasks you need to attend to.

Below is an example of an automated trigger system that could put in place for your next event:

  1. Launch invite goes out (12 weeks prior to event)
  2. Key event information and speakers profiles go out (9 weeks prior to event)
  3. Early bird ending next week (6 weeks prior to event)
  4. Early bird ends in 24 hours (5 weeks prior to event)
  5. Some event sneak previews (3 weeks prior to event)
  6. Why you should attend the event (1 week prior to event

Imagine that whole process being in place and automated for you.

When it comes to the management of the actual attendees, here is an example of an automated trigger system:

  1. Confirmation email (within minutes of sign up)
  2. Event reminder #1 (1 week prior to event)
  3. Event reminder #2 (1 day prior to event)
  4. Post event #1 including survey and details of future events with special offer (Day after event)
  5. Post event #2 (including notes from event and reminder on survey and future events) 3 days prior to event

Of course this can all be refined and changed for your particular event but these provide examples of what could work for your event. Once the correct structure is in place for your event these rules will always be in place, automatically monitoring the trigger points and returning the appropriate responses.

Marketing your event need never be an issue again!


Here at Totem we specialise in marketing automation services. We can work with you to ensure you have the correct strategy and processes in place, resulting in your event being a complete success from start to finish. If you are ready to start a conversation do get in touch with us here.