The Importance of Inbound Marketing for Your Business

Inbound marketing is no longer just a good idea, it needs to become an absolute necessity for your business. Why is it important and how can you use inbound marketing to generate results for your business?

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a relatively new approach that enables your brand to get found by customers. The most popular inbound marketing tactic is through content creation. A company just like yours can produce and publish content on their blog that is going to add value to the life of the reader. This content is then optimised so it ranks well in search engine results. This means that when a potential client is looking for help and advice on a particular subject matter they go to the likes of Google, type in what they want to find out and discover your content. This is then used to generate leads who can then be converted into paying customers.

Another popular method of inbound marketing is social media marketing. Social media is a personal approach to marketing your business. It’s used to connect with the audience by posting content that is attractive and helpful. The content can consist of various themes but items such as added value content, blog posts, humorous and engaging stories are all popular content types. The more this is done, the more exposure your brands receives.

Here are some stats that should encourage you to go inbound.

  • Companies that regularly blog generate 126% more leads than those that do not.
  • 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via content instead of ads.
  • Social Media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than traditional marketing.
  • Inbound marketing costs 61% less per lead than outbound marketing

Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons inbound marketing will be critical for your growth.

1. It will save you money

We all love sentences like that don’t we!?!

Could the money that you are throwing at outbound marketing be used more effectively on inbound? Rather than hiring a team of outbound sales reps why not invest a percentage of this into a work force that creates far more productivity through inbound marketing?

The cost per lead for companies who predominantly use inbound marketing is 61% lower than those with a mainly outbound strategy (source: HubSpot Marketing).

2. It saves you time

Rather than spending hours every single week creating and sending out hundreds of emails and making phone call after phone call to cold leads why not have leads come straight to you?

Outbound marketing is time intensive whilst inbound is quicker and much more effective.

3. You can measure and therefore increase productivity

One of the key factors to inbound marketing is you can view and then analyse your results as they occur. If you put the proper analytics in place then you can see exactly what content is working for you and generating the best results. Such tools as the inbuilt Twitter and Facebook analytics cost nothing and are very helpful. Also Google Analytics and more social media orientated analytical software systems as Sprout and Hootsuite can prove to be very useful.

Once you have reviewed your results you can then use that data to see what is the most effective and invest more time and energy into what works rather than what doesn’t.

4. Stay ahead of the competition

If you are not yet using inbound marketing to grow your business then the chances are your competitors are. All the experts are talking about the fact that inbound marketing is one of the hottest trends and the most effective ways to market in 2016. If you start now then you are jumping in at the right time and staying ahead of those yet to maximise its potential.

This is even more important for you if there are no ‘authorities’ in your industry, maybe you could step up and take that space?


Want to know more about how you can use inbound marketing for your business? Talk to us here at Totem Marketing regards your marketing strategy and how we can help.