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Starting out in Content Marketing

Content marketing has now moved from a good thing to do for your business to an absolute necessity. However, like many aspects of digital marketing it can seem a little overwhelming when you have not delved into this world before.

We have put this post together to help you get started. Now is the time to kick off so here are some tips to help you produce and share your first piece of content.

1. Create a company blog

Adding a blog to your website is often a quick and easy thing to do, especially if your site is built in a popular CMS like WordPress. A blog is a perfect way for you to produce a steady stream of content and also receive the benefits it brings to your SEO.

Even if you start by producing a couple of blog posts a month, get into the blogging habit and starting sharing your expertise to the world.

2. Content is king

It may seem obvious but the quality of the content you produce will play a central part in determining the success and reach of your posts.

You can produce lots of information that you think is truly wonderful but if it’s full of mistakes or inaccurate then people will not share it. The key to content marketing is to get people to spread your material around so that more and more people can benefit.

Ensure your content is of high quality and don’t be afraid to outsource if you need to.

3. Define your audience

In trying to reach everyone you can reach no one!

Decide who your target audience is and write your content to reach that audience. Don’t spread yourself too thin. If your target audience is small business owners, then brain storm subjects that will be valuable to them. Be focussed on that target audience and what will be of benefit to them.

It’s always a good idea to plan your subjects in advance so you are not scratching around wondering what your next piece of content will be. Spend an hour every two months on planning what is coming next and this will ensure your subjects are thought through and focused on reaching your chosen audience.

4. Have a strategy and stick to it

Your content marketing won’t be effective if you are hit and miss. You need a clear strategy of what you want to do and how you are going to achieve it.

Your strategy should outline how you will engage with your audience. Answer questions such as:

  • How often will you publish?
  • Where will you publish?
  • What types of content will you use?
  • Who will be creating the content?

Once you have decided how to progress and you have created the strategy then commit yourself to working with the strategy for a solid period of time.  By all means tweak as you go along but be consistent with what you have put in place.

5. Utilise social media

The most effective way to get your content out to the masses is through social media. Every time you produce your content push it out through your social channels. Don’t just share it once but share it numerous times over the first week and over following weeks too. Also, don’t be scared to share content you wrote six months or even a year ago. You will have gained plenty of new followers since then, so to them, this is fresh and new content.


Here at Totem Marketing we understand the power of content marketing and can help you achieve the results that you are looking for. Find out more about what we have on offer and contact us to talk through your requirements.