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The 6 Elements of an Effective Blog

Blogging has the potential to be a hugely effective component of any online marketing strategy. A well thought out blog will help you to retain customers as well as attract more likes, comments and shares on social media along with helping to establish you and your brand at the forefront of your market. The continual addition of new content to your website in the form of blogs also vastly improves your SEO, so the possible …

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Why Paid Social Media?

Paid social media is fast becoming one of the most popular advertising methods for companies of all sizes. From small local businesses to big brands, your Facebook feed is guaranteed to contain a range of sponsored posts all fighting to get your attention. According to Social Media Examiner 96% of marketers are using social media marketing which shows its current popularity. Like any advertising method your strategy needs to be thought through and you may …

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Why Email Marketing is an Absolute Must

Email marketing is still one of the largest and most popular marketing tools currently available. Not convinced? Here are some statistics to prove the power of email. Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel including social media and search. Email is 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than social giants like Facebook or Twitter. About 81% of online shoppers who receive follow emails suggesting similar products, are more likely to …

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Starting out in Content Marketing

Content marketing has now moved from a good thing to do for your business to an absolute necessity. However, like many aspects of digital marketing it can seem a little overwhelming when you have not delved into this world before. We have put this post together to help you get started. Now is the time to kick off so here are some tips to help you produce and share your first piece of content.

5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Social Media

5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Social Media

As we progress through 2016 more and more businesses are starting to understand the importance and value of social media. You may not always understand how it works or what you need to do but being on social media is no longer an option; it is a necessity. No matter your level of knowledge or skill, here are 5 things that you can do today to improve your business social media standing. Include high impact …

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How To Use Automation To Empower Your Sales Team

Whether a small one-man band or a large multi site company, sales has to be a key part of what you do. The sales department drives the business forwards and earns you those important new clients ensuring that the business continues to advance and grow. With ever shifting landscapes in digital and ecommerce sales the way we sell is changing but the good news this brings is that sales teams are better equipped than ever …

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Marketing Automation Platforms – Which is Right for me?

The truth is there is no perfect marketing automation platform but there are some excellent solutions that can provide your company with a highly effective solution for your sales and marketing. We review 3 of the most popular marketing automation platforms to help you understand which platform may be more suited for your business. Hubspot HubSpot is a widely recognised inbound marketing platform. Offering a huge variety of marketing automation features and capabilities it is …

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Using Marketing Automation Tools To Run Successful Events

It wasn’t that long ago when running an event was somewhat more complicated than it is today. Registration forms were sent by fax and all attendees were entered into a software system we would not dream of using in 2016. A number of systems had to be used to run one event and it was less than straight forwards to say the least. Those were not the days! Now we can save vast amounts of …

The Winning Formula to Getting More B2B Sales Leads

Why are you in business? We all end up doing what we are doing for various reasons but the one common denominator for us all, is we all want more sales leads. Are we right or are we right? Without leads there are no sales and without sales the future is unlikely to be smelling of roses. ‘A sales lead is a prospective consumer of a product or service that is created when an individual …

A Beginners Guide to Retargeting

It is rare that the sales process is a simple one. We all wish that the phone would ring or that email would come in with that big order with very little work from our end. Now, doesn’t that sound like a dream! Unfortunately sales and marketing is never that straight forward and we have to work hard and strategically to get it right. It is a well-known fact that a customer has to be …

The Importance of Inbound Marketing for Your Business

Inbound marketing is no longer just a good idea, it needs to become an absolute necessity for your business. Why is it important and how can you use inbound marketing to generate results for your business? What Is Inbound Marketing? Inbound marketing is a relatively new approach that enables your brand to get found by customers. The most popular inbound marketing tactic is through content creation. A company just like yours can produce and publish …

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Ask yourself this question every day for the next week: “Why are we not using sales and marketing automation tools?”

So here we are modern day, iPhones that will wake up your Great Aunt in a nursing home, cat-cams to watch your feline adventures, even motorbike safety jackets that turn you into a zorbers dream… but why oh why do we STILL have lots of sales and marketing teams STILL manually sending newsletters, event and webinar registration, and plain old emails for the simplest of housekeeping tasks.

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The Importance of Landing Pages

A landing page can either make or break a campaign, ultimately acting as the point of conversion. Whether the campaign is led by email, PPC, social media etc. a landing page can act as a means of gathering information and closing the deal with potential customers in terms of getting them to sign up for a product or service, so it is essentially the most important part of many campaigns.

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Help Choosing a Marketing Automation Platform

As the old saying goes “the customer is always right”, but in this age of endless possibilities how can anyone work out exactly how to keep their customers as happy as can be? Well, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) could be a good start.

This can be achieved through Marketing Automation, a tool that has thrived in the past decade, producing some of the fastest growing and most lucrative businesses. The digital revolution coupled with the ever increasing reliance on technology has created a marketing gold mine; detailed information of the world’s population and their online habits are now just a click away.

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5 Reasons You Cannot Afford Not To Invest In SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in a nutshell is the process of optimising a website so as that it appears higher in search engine listings, however there is so much more to this often underrated function.

Search engines pick up on content within the pages of a website, and through SEO these pages can be made much more prominent and effective by highlighting these keywords in parts of the website where search engines will pick up on them easier. For example, if you wrote a blog about bathrooms, by putting keywords relating to bathrooms in headers, meta data, and tagging images with these keywords allows search engines to hone in on your blog easier.

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Explainer Videos Help To Convert More Leads

Explainer videos truly do improve your nurture capability…

Forrester research explained how buyers are anywhere between 65 and 90 percent of the way through the end of the sales funnel before they reach out to a business to make a purchase. In other words, customers are taking a lot more control over their journeys, and that should give you reason for cheer.

This is especially true when using video marketing as part of your lead nurturing approach.

Explainer videos, deliver a powerful punch of information, easy to watch and help to provide the right level of information in 60-90 seconds. Bit like having your own elevator pitch on the web.

Web and Automation Developer

We are looking for inspiring candidates to join our unique team. This is a key role in our continued drive in providing marketing automation, web and tech developments for our clients. This position will involve working on Web Development and Automation systems, developing on a number of key client platforms including wordpress and Infusionsoft as a starter. Although learning the automation platform will come from “on the job” and detailed full training sessions – we …