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Marketing Automation Platforms – Which is Right for me?

The truth is there is no perfect marketing automation platform but there are some excellent solutions that can provide your company with a highly effective solution for your sales and marketing.

We review 3 of the most popular marketing automation platforms to help you understand which platform may be more suited for your business.


HubSpot is a widely recognised inbound marketing platform. Offering a huge variety of marketing automation features and capabilities it is a very popular solution for many UK businesses. With a full suite of marketing tools including blogging, social, SEO, email marketing, it truly is a comprehensive platform.

It has one of the simplest content management systems you will come across, meaning less technical staff members can still use it and find it effective. It’s intensive analytics tools make it a big favourite as it allows you to track everything you can possibly need to know about your web and social media traffic.

There are also various tools that allow you to determine your company’s SEO strengths and weaknesses allowing you to make adjustments and better optimise your website.

Primarily Hubspot is all about getting you more leads and converting those leads into sales. It contains systems for creating lead capture forms and automated email follow-ups for generating those much needed leads.


Infusionsoft is an excellent marketing automation system for the small and medium size B2B. It provides features such as lead management and email marketing, but also has basic CRM functionality for a more complete solution.

It is more than just email marketing software but is more an all-in-one small business software system. Included is:

CRM: Meaning you can track data about your customer in one place. You can pull up customer details and find when they joined your list, the lead source that referred them, the total money spent with you and so on.

Ecommerce Platform: One big winner for Infusionsoft is the ability to process credit cards and PayPal transactions. It also comes with a complete shopping cart system, affiliate marketing system, coupons and promotional tools.

Reporting: Everything inside of Infusionsoft is connected to a report. So produce sale reports, marketing reports, ROI reports and sales reports to your hearts content.

Complete Marketing Campaigns: The campaign builder is simple to use due to its effective drag-and-drop builder. This allows you to create marketing campaigns quickly and easily.

Sales Opportunities: The inbuilt sales opportunities system will help you keep better track of all your sales so you can measure aspects such as your lead to closed sale ratios.

WordPress Integration: A lot of small business websites are running on WordPress (yours is probably one of them) and Infusionsoft plugs into WordPress with easy plugins for tracking traffic.

Salesforce Pardot

Pardot is a subsidiary of Salesforce and provides a comprehensive email marketing service for medium to large businesses. Pardot’s email marketing service enables businesses to seamlessly combine email marketing, social media, and CRM systems in one location.

Businesses with a high volume of email marketing or large lists are best suited for Pardot. It’s not the perfect solution for small businesses.

Some of its key features are:

Design: Included are ready to use templates for email creation. The templates can be edited without coding experience.

Reporting: Depending your service level, Pardot offers strong reporting features, A/B testing and ROI reports.

Scalability: Pardot is aimed at medium sized businesses who have already developed a strong email marketing presence.

Auto-Responder: Robust automation is included with the second pricing tier along with lead management.

The bottom line is that Pardot provides a comprehensive service for the larger client looking for strong integration of CRM and social media.
Hopefully that gives you a little more insight into three of the most popular solutions available. Of course there are many more out there but we wanted to focus on 3 of the more popular options.


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