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How To Use Automation To Empower Your Sales Team

Whether a small one-man band or a large multi site company, sales has to be a key part of what you do. The sales department drives the business forwards and earns you those important new clients ensuring that the business continues to advance and grow.

With ever shifting landscapes in digital and ecommerce sales the way we sell is changing but the good news this brings is that sales teams are better equipped than ever before. There are a range of tools available to help sales processes work more efficiently and effectively through the power of automation.

Marketing automation software streamlines, manages, automates and measure so your sales team can produce better results than ever before.

How exactly can automation software help your sales staff?

  1. Remove the need for cold calling

If you’re not a big fan of cold calling (as most people aren’t) automation can remove the need.

With your marketing software continually capturing data through automation you will have more valuable data than before so you can nurture your leads.

  1. Improved analytics and reporting

To ensure the right steps are being taken by your team, detailed monitoring is needed. When this is done by hand it is incredibly time consuming and somewhat laborious. With automation software everything is more effective and streamlined.

  1. Give focus to the right leads

There is very little that is more frustrating than wasting time on leads that never eventually buy from you. Through automation, you can track and monitor the activities of all the leads and therefore, decide which are the best prospects.

The software makes the process so much simpler by letting you set alerts to notify you when a prospect shows interest in a particular product or service.

  1. Increase revenue by up-selling

Often we don’t maximise our potential revenue by missing out on up-sells.

Automation allows us to take the human aspect out of the process by creating a series of automated rules.

For example, if a customer buys a product that has a potential upgrade, you can automate an email or text message telling them about this upgrade whenever you see fit. Over the lifetime of a client this can greatly increase the revenue they bring to the table.

  1. Nurture cold leads as well as warm

Marketing automation software allows you to take cold sales leads and nurture them much more effectively which in turn allows you to free up your sales team to focus on more likely prospects.

However, cold leads don’t need to be ignored as you can set up separate automatic drip campaigns where they can receive appropriate emails based on their needs. The beauty of this means that both warm and cold leads are receiving the attention they need to move them towards that all important sale


Here at Totem we are passionate about helping you grow your revenue. If you would like to discuss how you can use automation to grow your business and increase your sales do contact us. We are here to help!