choosing a marketing automation platform

Help Choosing a Marketing Automation Platform

As the old saying goes “the customer is always right”, but in this age of endless possibilities how can anyone work out exactly how to keep their customers as happy as can be? Well, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) could be a good start.

This can be achieved through Marketing Automation, a tool that has thrived in the past decade, producing some of the fastest growing and most lucrative businesses. The digital revolution coupled with the ever increasing reliance on technology has created a marketing gold mine; detailed information of the world’s population and their online habits are now just a click away.

So how does Marketing Automation help improve CRM and which provider is best for you? We’ve taken a closer look at three of the most popular services on the market today to help answer this question.


Our first service Pardot Salesforce is a Marketing Automation service that is primarily tailored towards Business to Business organisations. Pardot contains great features such as custom made marketing email templates and tracked email services to analyse a recipients email habits and how responsive they are. Its analytical tools really help Pardot to be of value to b2b companies that need all the customer information they can get to produce targeted ads. One of the most highly praised attributes of Pardot, is its User Interface, whilst Marketing Automation may not be the most straight forward of skills to pick up, their simplified interface makes adoption of this service an awful lot easier than that of its competitors.


Infusionsoft is our second service; this is the perfect tool if you are looking to grow as a business as it is designed specifically for small to medium businesses. Infusionsoft manages to streamline the functions of larger and more expensive Marketing Automation services, down to the more basic and essential tools such as Data collection and management. Its lower cost can result in a few less available functions than the more expensive brands but they most won’t be missed by any small to medium business. This is the perfect tool for those new to Marketing Automation, even larger companies can use Infusionsoft just to test the waters with this technology at a low cost, and then if suitable advance to a more suitable platform such as Pardot or Marketo. Infusionsoft is guaranteed to ensure a good ROI, whilst tracking your ROI!


If you’re not looking for a particularly specialised service but more just an all-round Marketing Automation tool, Marketo could be the right choice for you. Whilst it is the most expensive out of the three options, Marketo offers a wider range of services without the constraints of being tailored towards a niche market. In this case its USP is that it has no USP, it’s just a highly popular marketing tool that provides a huge range of services from Personalised push notifications to Lead Management Databases.

So if you’re still asking yourself how exactly Marketing Automation will keep your customers happy, the answer is it won’t, that part is down to you and how you use all the information it can provide about existing and potential clients in order to help cater to their needs and interests in hopes of building stronger working relationships.

Adopting this new technology into your business isn’t always a walk in the park, but the end results will be more than worth the wait.

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The Totem Marketing Team.

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