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Explainer Videos Help To Convert More Leads

Explainer videos truly do improve your nurture capability…

Forrester research explained how buyers are anywhere between 65 and 90 percent of the way through the end of the sales funnel before they reach out to a business to make a purchase. In other words, customers are taking a lot more control over their journeys, and that should give you reason for cheer.

This is especially true when using video marketing as part of your lead nurturing approach.

Explainer videos, deliver a powerful punch of information, easy to watch and help to provide the right level of information in 60-90 seconds. Bit like having your own elevator pitch on the web.

Videos are incredibly versatile; you can post them anywhere, LinkedIn, Facebook, your website, group forums, all of which are great places to help promote your brand and services.

The right videos delivered at the right time is a great way to target new customers. If done correctly they show that you have taken the time and care to understand their pain points within their business. You’ve taken the time to figure out what their specific priorities are and how you can help them improve. Video marketing and explainer videos help develop that growth as part of your lead generation strategy and approach.

Check out our one to show you what can be achieved….

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