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5 Reasons You Cannot Afford Not To Invest In SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in a nutshell is the process of optimising a website so as that it appears higher in search engine listings, however there is so much more to this often underrated function.

Search engines pick up on content within the pages of a website, and through SEO these pages can be made much more prominent and effective by highlighting these keywords in parts of the website where search engines will pick up on them easier. For example, if you wrote a blog about bathrooms, by putting keywords relating to bathrooms in headers, meta data, and tagging images with these keywords allows search engines to hone in on your blog easier.

Unfortunately it’s not as straight forward as or as easy to manipulate; just highlighting a few keywords will not get you onto the first page of Google in 2015. There are over 200 factors in Google’s algorithm including the websites structure, theme and coding along with content, links and social signals. These things all contribute towards search engine rankings. Once fully informed on all that goes into SEO it’s clear to see that it can be hard work, but it more than pays off in the end and here’s our top 5 reasons why you cannot afford to not to invest in SEO:

Bigger Audience: Appearing prominently in a search engine results is just about some of the best promotion you can get, and best of all its free to be listed. However it’s never that simple, merely appearing in the search engine won’t be enough to bring in the visitors, research shows that 84% of searchers never look past the second search page, so with SEO you can ensure you don’t lose out on this huge percentage of traffic.
Brand Recognition: Being high up in search engine rankings can give a company and their website credibility, the higher the better as they appear more important and more popular, it’s a sure fire way to give a business an edge over their competitors.

Return on Investment (ROI): Taking your website to the top of search engine rankings can be far more effective promotion wise than traditional offline advertising mediums. Simple SEO options are far cheaper than trying to reach the huge audiences who utilise search engines through offline mediums and this way it’s guaranteed to reach those who are interested as they’ll already be searching for your specific service. These factors make ROI rates far more desirable than other promotional means.

Approval Rating: An estimated 40% of online businesses have now invested in SEO to help further their success, with that number growing every day.
The Importance of Online: Day by day the internet is ever increasing as a commodity, our shopping is done online, our bills are paid online, we’re educated online, and so it’s becoming more and more important to stand out amongst the crowd and be noticed through SEO. For most businesses SEO is becoming an essential, and with more and more business converting to an online platform it’s rapidly becoming a must have in the workplace just to compete with the ever growing competition.

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